Mouldaglass has a cleverly curved surface, but the edges can be as straight as a die for easy fixing into wooden, aluminium, and steel frames. It has a natural high-gloss finish that reflects on the outside of the curve more than on the inside. This restricts the view from the outside while allowing perfect vision from the inside.

Mouldaglass panes are of uniform thickness and distort reflections but not see through views.

Mouldaglass may be ordered in square and rectangular shapes as well as in ovals and rounds.

Mouldaglass allows a new design freedom that is impossible with flat glass and is heat-treated for high gloss and strength.

  • Thicknesses range from 3 to 6mm.
  • Available in clear, plain, patterned, and coloured
  • Minimum size: 75 x 75mm.
  • Maximum size: 500 x 800mm.
  • Depth of curve: 75mm maximum.
  • Can be supplied mirrored with various metal
    colours: silver, gold, bronze, blue, green.

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