laminateLaminated glass consists of two or more panes of float glass bonded together by an interlayer consisting of one or more sheets of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which provides a high degree of personal safety. When accidental impact is made the glass will shatter, but be held intact by the PVB interlayer.

Acoustical Comfort

The configuration and nature of laminated glass provides much better sound insulation compared to ordinary glass, especially at certain frequencies. More information available on request.

Solar Energy Control

Laminated glass is an ideal product to protect against harmful U.V. rays. More than 99.5% of U.V. can be filtered, thus reducing fading and discoloration of goods. In addition, laminated glass allows control of solar energy with a choice of different colours. More information available on request.


Provides a high degree of personal safety. When accidental impact is made the glass will shatter, but be held intact by the PVB interlayer.

Solar Heat Control

These products are manufactured to give the designer a greater choice of colours when looking at the aesthetics of the building. These products also offer a greater degree of solar control, which assists with the airconditioning requirements. Glass that absorbs solar energy is susceptible to breakage from thermally induced stresses and therefore a prerequisite is that the edges be polished
and free from any damage.

Sound Control

Laminated glass is highly effective in reducing unwanted sound into a building. Simply put, its exceptional sound control is the result of the sound dampening characteristics of the PVB interlayer.

Ultra-violet Elimination

The effects of ultra-violet radiation below 380 nanometers can be extremely damaging to natural & synthetic fabrics and finishes. Laminated architectural glass with clear or tinted interlayers is essentially a barrier to ultra-violet radiation.


Add a permanent brilliant colour to your investment. A large range of colours are available to enhance the aesthetics of any building.

We also supply Lumineo (glow in the dark Vinyl).


Our Range includes

  • Curved laminated
  • Multi lams
  • Tinted lams
  • Performance lams
  • Windscreens
  • Bullet resistant glass
  • Processing abilities on laminated products


A further range of colour PVB interlayers are availabIe on request but these are governed by minimum quantity orders of 600 sq m.

Solar control products are manufactured utilising a tinted PVB interlayer and/or reflective coated glass.

The shading co-efficients and U-Values are based on A.S.H.R.E.A. summer day-time conditions. The tables below were supplied by the PVB interlayer manufacturers.

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