Bent and heat treated glass


Mouldaglass & Complex Bends

A unique new cottage-pane window to enhance your home, office, pub or shop.

Valuable Features

  • Mouldaglass has a cleverty curved surface, but the edges can be as straight as a die for easy fixing into wooden, aluminium, and steel frames.
  • Mouldaglass has a natural high-gloss finish that reflects on the outside of the curve more than on the inside. This restricts the view from the outside while allowing perfect vision from the inside.
  • Mouldaglass panes are of uniform thickness and distort reflections but not see through views.
  • Mouldaglass may be ordered in square and rectangular shapes as well as in ovals and rounds.
  • Mouldaglass allows a new design freedom that is impossible with flat glass.


  • Mouldaglass is heat-treated for high gloss and strength
  • Thickness ranges from 3 to 6mm
  • Available in clear, plain, patterned, and coloured options
  • Minimum size: 75 x 75mm
  • Maximum size: 500 x 800mm.
  • Depth of curve: 75mm maximum.
  • Can be supplied mirrored with various metal
  • Colours: silver, gold, bronze. blue, green.

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